Saturday, January 08, 2005


Speaking of raising a stink, this is not a story to peruse over dinner. Melting snow combined with new rainfall have created all sorts of flooding throughout Ohio as these pictures show.

Meanwhile, it seems as though Berliner park, a park on the southwest side of Columbus with over 100 softball fields, had it's own problem.
Untreated sewage stood up to 4 feet deep in Lou Berliner Park yesterday after the highest Scioto River waters since the disastrous 1959 flood forced a city sewer line to back up...
"It’s kind of a big deal," said Greg Davies, spokesman for the city’s sewer and drainage division said of the sewage in the park.
The solution? Wait.

Columbus Health Department officials suggest that Berliner be closed for two weeks, spokeswoman Liane Egle said.

"That might be enough time to pass," she said. "But these are refrigerator temperatures right now and germs can survive in refrigerator temperatures."

Ah, anybody else have a craving for that day-old bologna sandwich in the refrigerator right now?

After the sewage recedes into manholes in the park, sewer workers might have to pump out low-lying puddles. After that, health officials plan to inspect the area for any lingering health risk.

"I don’t think you can clean dirt," Egle said. "The upside is we’re not in softball season."

Meanwhile, if anyone knows how to clean dirt. Cold wet stinky dirt. Please let Egle know. I'm sure the neighbors would appreciate it.