Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Answer: To Those 'Suppressed' Ohio Voters?

The Detroit Free Press provides the question to US House Rep. John Conyers, who is planning to contest Ohio's electors due to perceived voting irregularities: Where did the turkeys go?

Seems as though a Detroit food bank gave Conyers 60 turkeys to distribute to needy people for Thanksgiving. They may not have made it quite to them.

The director of a Detroit food bank wants to know what happened to 60 turkeys -- 720 pounds of frozen birds -- that his charity gave to members of U.S. Rep. John Conyers' local staff two days before Thanksgiving to give to needy people.

Conyers' Detroit office promised an accounting of any turkey distribution by Dec. 27, but the Gleaners Community Food Bank had received no paperwork as of Tuesday, said the charity's director, Agostinho Fernandes.

Fernandes said he became suspicious that the turkeys didn't get to poor people after hearing from a friend that a federal court worker had said he was offered free turkeys from a member of Conyers' staff.

No wonder Conyers is confused with the 5.5 million Ohio ballots. He can't even keep track of 60 turkeys.