Monday, January 03, 2005

Bush Asks Judge to Throw Out Election Challenge

While Jackson was in town, the Bush campaign officially asked the chief justice of the Ohio Supreme Court to throw out the Election Challenge lawsuit. In another report giving more details on Jackson's protest, the filing was quoted.
The voters' arguments "resemble a poorly drafted script for a late night conspiracy-theory movie and fall far short of a legitimate election contest under Ohio law," the filing said.
But I know a lot of readers won't belief this Bush propoganda, so here's some equal time for the allegations of the concerned citizens with Jackson.
Challengers Allen Zak and his wife, Leslie, are also longtime Columbus activists. Allen Zak, a professional photographer, was a member of Veterans for Kerry and volunteered for nonprofit groups working to elect Kerry.

"I did not witness any irregularities," Zak, 66, said Monday. "The reason I'm involved in this is I believe it's entirely possible there were irregularities."
Well, that's enough to convice me. Of course there's more...
Bonnie Awan waited two and a half hours in line in suburban Upper Arlington, where the longest she'd waited over the past two decades was about ten minutes. Awan, 54, a geologist and former board member of a central Ohio peace group, said she didn't witness any fraud but heard numerous stories from people about machine shortages in minority neighborhoods. She and her husband, Mohammed, both signed on as challengers.
That's the first time I've heard allegations of voter suppression in Upper Arlington, a heavily Republican suburb with an average annual income of $72K and and house value of $214K.

I'm just trying to figure out whether it was Bush or Kerry who was behind this dastardly deed. Or maybe it was both, because Awan reveals she cast a write-in ballot for Nader.

And then of course there's camouflage-clad, shoe pounding, Bill Moss.
"They needed someone that had a history of not backing down," said Moss, 69, before Monday's rally. "That would be me."
With evidence like that, I don't see how the lawsuit could fail.