Sunday, January 23, 2005

Remember When Doing The Taxes was the Hard Part?

I finally got around to getting my tax software for this year. I browsed through the Sunday flyers and decided to visit the local OfficeMax, which was offering a free cordless phone with the purchase - after rebates of course.

I came home with 6 different boxes and almost $200 charged to my credit card: TaxCut, TaxCut State, H&R Block Deduction Pro, Microsoft Money, Norton AntiVirus, and of course the phone.

My next step: start filling out rebate forms.

After literally two hours of reading fine print, interpreting confusing instructions, and cutting out UPC symbols, box tops, box bottoms, box SIDES, and even the front page of an old user manual, I now need to make six copies of my original sales receipt and mail seven separate rebate forms to get about 90% of my money back.

All this, just to get ready to start my taxes.

And once I file electronically, there will be another rebate that I will have to send in.

Sometimes I need to remind myself that computers are making my life easier.