Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Real Time Ohio Election Results & Projections

This post will contain real-time election results for the 2008 Ohio presidential election as well as my projections for the final result.

7:35 - awaiting results from Ohio Sec of State...
7:56 - still waiting...
9:00 - still nothing from Cleveland, Columbus, or Cincy... McCain holding in rural areas.
9:19 - Fox just called Ohio for Obama. Interesting..
9:46 - Yep, Obama vote really developing now. Sandusky county went for Bush now went to Obama, other counties w/ similar trends
10:30 - McCain underperforming in all completed Republican counties. Minimal reporting from Cleveland, Columbus, and Cincy.
11:25 - Calling it a night. Will update final info in the next day or and take a larger look.

Wed 9:20 - Final analysis published.

Full County Projection Method: Projected Obama Victory / (Defeat) Margin

Partial County Projection Method: Projected Results

Got questions, read the FAQ.

Here is a link to the detailed Ohio Election Projection Spreadsheet which will be updated in real-time as the Ohio Secretary of State releases results. It provides the projected results as well as detailed comparisons to the 2004 election.