Friday, November 07, 2008

Was It Worth It?

That's what Helen Jones-Kelley must be asking herself.

The director of the Department of Jobs and Family Services and Obama campaign contributor came into the news when she admitted she approved the background checks on Joe the Plumber.

She has now been suspended for possibly using a state computer and e-mail account for political fund raising.

UPDATE: The Dispatch has now obtained the emails in question.

The state e-mails show that Jones-Kelley provided the Obama campaign with the names of 17 potential Dayton-area contributors ahead of the candidate's July 11 appearance there.

On July 8, the director offered to write a $2,500 check to the campaign to join Obama at his appearance, volunteered to contact would-be contributors and offered to help arrange an event for Obama's wife, Michelle.

At least one of the potential donors identified by Jones-Kelley contributed $9,600 to the Obama Victory Fund and Obama for America on July 31, according to Federal Election Commission records. Jones-Kelley also gave $2,500.