Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Ashley's Epilogue

USA Today reports that Ashley Faulkner will be attending Bush's inauguration first hand.
It's only fitting that Mason, Ohio, teenager Ashley Faulkner will get a chance to see President Bush's inauguration firsthand this week.

After all, her ad helped make it happen.

Ashley Faulkner was the focus of Ashley's Story, a pro-Bush campaign ad that aired nearly 30,000 times in the month before the election Nov. 2.

I remember when this ad started running in Ohio. I still can't watch it or read the Enquirer article that started it all without choking up all over again.

At a time when we were being bombarded with negative ads 24/7, this one cut through the noise like nothing else. The emotion on Bush's face in the picture was unmistakable. You knew it - and he - was real.

At the same time, Kerry was out hunting for votes. And the pictures from his trip - which transparently screamed panderer - stood in sharp contrast.

Lynn Faulkner, who runs a foundation for orphaned children, said Ashley "is glad she helped other people see what she saw."

Enjoy your trip Ashley. You are still in our thoughts and prayers.