Thursday, January 06, 2005

Columbus Drops Out of the Top Ten

Men's Fitness magazine has released their annual Top 10 list of America's Fattest and Fittest Cities. After being in the Top 10 Fattest Cities for the last four years, Columbus has dropped all the way down to number 16 fattest.
Columbus is officially out of the bottom 10, having moved up six slots from last year. What's their secret? Well, Columbus residents are watching less TV, have better access to healthcare, and breathe better air. But those improvements are still offset by poor nutrition — especially junk food — and a climate that is not fitness-friendly.
Among the fun facts:
  • Columbus has twice the national average number of pizza places per capita - one of the highest in our rankings.
  • Pizza places outnumber health-food stores by a more than 8-to-1 ratio - the second-highest spread in our survey
I'd protest if I weren't waiting on a delivery from Peppercini's as I type this.