Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Rather Provides a Warning to All

I've had a couple days to read a lot of different takes on the Rather report - discussions on political bias in the media, what constitutes proof of a fraudulent document, and coordination between CBS and the Democrats.

The more I read, the more I realized this could provide a warning for all of us. An angle I haven't seen touched on yet in the blogospere. Hindrocket from Power Line provides the starting point:
True enough, but let me offer this alternative theory: the fundamental problem that led to the downfall of 60 Minutes and, perhaps, CBS News, was the fact that no one involved in the reportorial or editorial process was a Republican or a conservative. If there had been anyone in the organization who did not share Mary Mapes's politics, who was not desperate to counteract the Swift Boat Vets and deliver the election to the Democrats, then certain obvious questions would have been asked.
I agree. Those dang people at CBS - surrounding themselves only with people who have the same opinions that they do. Re-enforcing their ideas on each other. Don't they realize that differences in opinions are good. Different viewpoints could have protected them from themselves.

And then I looked at my blogroll.
And then I looked at the blogrolls of the blogs on my blogroll.
And then I looked... well you get the idea.

Are the exceptions? Of course there are. Probably as many exceptions as the rule.

But in a medium where we tend to link to our like-minded friends, it's important to realize a differing opinion isn't always a bad thing.