Saturday, January 01, 2005

Meanwhile, in King county...

Despite all the questionable antics happening in Washington, I was really disappointed when Republican Dino Rossi started calling for a revote. Although a 100 vote loss is significantly different than a 100,000 vote loss, the concept is still the same. Accept the results and move on.

Now, according to The Seattle Times, things are starting to get a little interesting:
The day after King County released a list of nearly 900,000 voters who cast ballots Nov. 2, Republicans prodded election officials to explain why the list appeared to have about 3,500 fewer names than the number of votes that were actually tallied.

In a response that all but said, "Settle down!" county officials stressed the list was preliminary, noting that records of voters who cast certain write-in ballots and people who wanted their addresses kept confidential still had to be reconciled with election data.

After spending the last month criticizing outsiders about jumping in and spreading conspiracy theories based on partial information, I'm not going to suddenly pretend I know the intricacies involved. It is going to be interesting to follow, though. Sound Politics, a Seatle-based blog has been tracking the issue closely.

Hat tip: Blogs for Bush