Saturday, January 22, 2005

Refreshing View From Wisconsin

Wendy, from Boots & Sabers, has an open letter for her fellow Wisconsinites:
Now is not the time to quibble about who really won Wisconsin. The results have been certified, and, though it may be small consolation, John Kerry can rest easy knowing that Wisconsin is officially blue. We must make clear that what we are about to do is NOT to try to change 2004, but to ensure that whoever wins the next election is determined by a fair, honest, and incorrupt voting system.
I agree. It's time to move on. In Ohio, Wisconsin, and Washington. The focus should not be on trying to change the election results of the past - even if there is reason to believe they are wrong. But to ensure that such things can't happen in the future, and to restore faith in our electorial system.

Faith in our electorial system is far more important than any single election result. Faith that I believe the Democrats have systematically undermined as a strategic goal over the last 4 years. Nevertheless, restoring this faith is important to all of us, as Americans. And to do so requires letting go of the past, and focusing on the future.

Focusing on the future requires faith in fellow Americans. And this is where I believe Republicans differ from the liberal elite. Compare their response to the election results (apologies to the world, talking down to flyover country, denigrating those with strong religious beliefs) to Wendy's concluding paragraph:
I grew up in Wisconsin. I love this state and the people in it. I like to believe that the people here are the honest, upstanding, freedom-loving sort. They are. Most of them, anyway. But we need to protect ourselves, our way of life, and the integrity of our system. Help me do that. Call or write to your legislator today.
If you have faith in your fellow Americans, you want open and honest elections.

If you worry that maybe you are in the minority - or worse - know you are but still think you're right and the ends justifies the means, you will continue to look for ways to undermine faith in the process. You will continue to focus on the past, instead of taking steps to improve things in the future.

It is time for everyone to have faith in America. It is time to start working on the process improvements for our next election. It is time to take the first step in restoring the faith in our election system that has eroded over the last several election cycles.

Over the next couple of months, it will become clear who has faith in Americans, and who is more interested self serving activities.