Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Ohio Election Irregularities Heading to Court

While Washington and Wisconsin continue to investigate voting irregularities, Ohio is beginning to take legal action on a number of fronts. Turns out there were some problems, just not in the areas the Democrats were pointing to.

First, Chad Stanton, the man who infamously registered Mary Poppins and Dick Tracy to vote in return for crack cocaine, was indicted on felony charges.

Then Ohio AG Jim Petro asked the Ohio Supreme Court to sanction the attorney who filed the frivolous lawsuit challenging the Ohio election results.

And now, a Lakeside woman could face criminal charges for voting twice in the November election. Once in Ohio and once in Maryland.

I hope Ohio prosecutors take strong actions on all of these fronts.

While some continue to squawk about counting every vote, Ohio continues to take action to make sure that only every legal vote is counted.