Saturday, January 08, 2005

Which Ohio Gubernatorial Candidate is the Subject of an Award Winning Musical?

If you answered Jerry Springer, you'd be correct.

Seems as though plans by the BBC to broadcast the "award-winning" show, which is also described as a "profanity-laden musical," is causing concern.
Christian protesters set fire to their television licenses outside the BBC's London offices on Friday as outrage spread over the public broadcaster's plans to air a profanity-laden musical.

In the award-winning London show "Jerry Springer -- The Opera," viewers can watch a diaper fetishist confess all to his true love, catch a tap dance routine by the Ku Klux Klan and see Jesus and the Devil locked in a swearing match.

Michael Reid, a pastor and self-styled bishop who organized the peaceful demonstration ahead of the airing on Saturday evening, called the musical "filth."

Update: I was planning on sitting on this post until tomorrow for some light Sunday reading - I didn't realize it was schedule to air so soon. But Drudge is already posting an update stating that after the show aired, BBC executives were forced to leave their homes based on threats made after the show aired.

So much for the light humor.