Sunday, January 16, 2005

14 Days Down, 125 to Go

That's the status of Jeff Tweiten's wait in line for the next Star Wars movie, which opens May 19, 2005.

He sees worth in the waiting, especially in a culture that demands instant gratification.

"Coming out here and sitting and waiting -- embodying the anticipation -- I think people need to see that," Tweiten says. "Maybe they'll slow down. So many people are in such a hurry that they miss the savoring of time."

A whole community has developed around Tweiten's mission. His friends bring him changes of clothes, snacks and their company. Nearby businesses offer a bathroom, a shower or a warm cup of coffee. Passersby might laugh in amusement, shake their heads in wonder or strike up a conversation.

Me? I'm part of that instant gratification crowd.

UPDATE: It must just be a Star Wars day. Check this out for only $20K from