Saturday, January 15, 2005

Update: Miracles Don't Happen

Earlier this week I reported that Miracles Do Happen, when covering a group's decision to drop their lawsuit challenging Ohio's election results.

Obviously fearing that my reaction was the tip of the iceberg - and many other Ohioans were also taking the group's actions as proof of God's existence - the group has announced plans for their next lawsuit, thus preventing a tidal wave of movement to the religious right.

An attorney behind a presidential election challenge dismissed earlier this week asked a different judge on Friday to make Ohio's top election official answer questions about the Nov. 2 vote.

Attorney Cliff Arnebeck asked a federal judge to allow a group he represents, the Massachussetts-based Alliance for Democracy, to join a complaint filed against Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell on Election Day.

This would be a complaint filed by the Democrats on election day. It would be the same complaint they asked the court to dismiss last year.

The filing Friday asks Marbley to allow Arnebeck to take Blackwell's deposition on an emergency basis.

"The aim of this is to get to the truth as fast as possible and have anyone held accountable who committed any illegal acts or fraud," Arnebeck said.

Clearly, the Ohio secretary of state has a different opinion.
"Courts are serious places for serious people, and Mr. Arnebeck is not a serious person. His filings are frivolous, without merit and not based in any sort of reality," Blackwell spokesman Carlo LoParo said.
Congratulations to Arnebeck on his insidious plan. It clearly has nothing to do with the Ohio election. His secret goal is obviously to bring dispair and anguish to Ohioans who took his initial announcement as a sign of the Almighty's existence.

I'm sure his most recent decision has hundreds of thousands of previously religious Ohioans questioning the existence of a benevolent God. In Arnebeck's devious scheme, the obvious next step of joining the Democratic party is a mere formality.

Hey, it makes as much sense as anything else he's allegedly trying to do.