Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Kerry Email

Evidently John Kerry sent an email to 3 million of his closest friends. I must have been number 3 million and 1.

The good news, he has enough sense not to challenge Ohio's electors.
Tomorrow, members of Congress will meet to certify the results of the 2004 presidential election. I will not be taking part in a formal protest of the Ohio Electors.
But, in true Kerry fashion, he tries to have it both ways.
Despite widespread reports of irregularities, questionable practices by some election officials and instances of lawful voters being denied the right to vote, our legal teams on the ground have found no evidence that would change the outcome of the election.
Come on John. You can say it. Your legal team found no evidence to that would even validate the reports. That's why the outcome wouldn't change.

Oh wait. You can't say it. That would be taking a clear position, unambiguous postion on something.