Monday, December 27, 2004

"Stop the Nonsense" Gets Another Newspaper Endorsement

For those keeping track, another Ohio newspaper has now lost it's patience with the "hard-headed individuals that still want to count votes". This time it's the News-Herald, a regional paper in northeast Ohio.

It is time for Jackson to stop talking about vote-stealing, time for the Green and Libertarian parties to understand that their combined three-tenths of one percent of the vote is a fly speck and not deserving of a recount, and time for MoveOn to move on.

The election is over. If you really care about the process, do yourselves a favor - start getting ready for the next one.

I'm still looking for a mainstream Ohio newspaper supporting a continued investigation. I will report it as soon as I find one, or one is pointed out to me.

Meanwhile, another recount witness reports a pleasant, professional experience.

In the end [Gloria] Hershey, a native of Morrow County, felt pride that the recount showed an honest count of the ballots. She is confident the recount proves that every vote counted in Morrow County.

"The count reflected the will of the people," Hershey concluded. "People demanded a recount and this shows the system works. It's something everyone should care about."