Thursday, December 30, 2004

The Other Poll: Jerry Springer Leads in Gubernatorial Poll

Jesse Jackson gets interviewed in Newsweek online, but just as credible as any of the information he mentions are the results of this unscientific poll from The Other Paper, a free entertainment weekly distributed throughout the Columbus area.

Poll results were tallied from ballots readers faxed in from the previous week. Hey, at least they solved the problems with the long lines.

After making the important determination that only 19% of the respondents think it's OK to strike up a conversation with the person in the stall next to you while in a public restroom, it goes on to reveal these here-to-fore unanswered questions about political leanings of us Columbus natives.

Which did you get more emotionally caught up in this year?

The presidential election: 79%
The Michigan game: 21%

Gasp! That's almost sacrilege in this football crazy city.

Is it rude to ask your acquaintances how they voted?

Yes: 53%
No: 47%

But is it rude to ask how long they stood in line? No, in fact in a couple years we'll be talking about how we walked uphill in the snow and stood in line for two days to cast our vote.

Who's more trustworthy?

Ohio State professor Roger Blackwell: 68%
Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell: 32%

Who's Roger Blackwell? Don't know. And neither did anyone else who answered this question.

Which of these two candidates would get your vote in the 2006 governor's race?

Democrat Jerry Springer: 75%
Republican Larry Householder: 25%

You heard it here first. And don't let that little word unscientific get in the way. Jackson never would.