Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Hoffheimer Backpedals

Earlier this week I noted the following quote from Daniel Hoffheimer, counsel to John Kerry's Ohio campaign
This [the Ohio recount] has fundamentally shocked people's sense of whether any election can be accurately counted," said Daniel Hoffheimer, counsel to John Kerry's Ohio campaign.
and called on Kerry to publicly state that nothing was found to call the outcome of the election into question.

Keith Olbermann reported yesterday that Hoffheimer "changed his tone"
I would caution the media not to read more into what the Kerry-Edwards campaign has said," Mr. Hoffheimer advised us by e-mail, "than what you hear in the plain meaning of our comments. There are many conspiracy theorists opining these days. There are many allegations of fraud. But this presidential election is over. The Bush-Cheney ticket has won. The Kerry-Edwards campaign has found no conspiracy and no fraud in Ohio, though there have been many irregularities that cry out to be fixed for future elections. Senator Kerry and we in Ohio intend to fix them. When all of the problems in Ohio are added together, however bad they are, they do not add up to a victory for Kerry-Edwards. Senator Kerry's fully-informed and extremely careful assessment the day after the election and before he conceded remains accurate today, notwithstanding all the details we have since learned."
Now it's time for Kerry himself to make the same unambiguous statement.

UPDATE: Here is a video of a segment on Olbermann's show yesterday covering the topic.