Sunday, December 26, 2004

Maybe Mickey Should Have Requested a Recount

For the day after Christmas, I wanted a lighthearted article to keep that Christmas glow going for a couple more days. This article by M.J. Willow of the Columbus Free Press, in which she describes her experience as a witness for the Franklin county recount, gives insight into the whole recount process, but it was the write-in ballots that caught my attention.
Electronic voting machines (DRE's to you and me now) are equipped with a button that opens a little window where a voter can write anything they choose. Believe me, they do. Some choose not to write anything, others, I was told, go with the time tested obscenities. These are non-valid votes but must be noted. Working from an abstract generated by the machines' report that the little window opened, the officials have forms, red ones, that are filled out at the captain of each polling place. If the abstract says the window in Precinct X opened, then the red form should have info about that vote.

Mickey Mouse, Martin Sheen and Lewis Fahrakhan tied with 2 non-valid votes. Jessie the Body Ventura received 2 votes proving there are still hardcore WWF fans out there. Butch Davis won 2 votes so if you know him, let him know. There's always next time, Butch. A couple of people wanted a Clinton back in the White House but only one bothered to specify Bill. I'm stunned Mickey Mouse got one more vote than Kermit the Frog! C'mon people! It ain't easy being green but he doesn't give up! Just like David Cobb who, by my very UNofficial count received 20 write-in votes as a valid write-in candidate. Ralph Nader captured the hearts of 96 faithfuls. (Again, my numbers here are very UNofficial.)
I don't know, but it seems to me that anyone who voted for Fahrakhan ought to have their votes counted twice just for being able to spell it correctly.

Uh oh. Better not give anyone any ideas.