Friday, December 24, 2004

Jackson: Kerry Conceded Much Too Quickly

Can one of you other states please take Jesse Jackson for a while...

Claiming Ohio's 2004 election results were more troubling than Florida's four years ago, the Rev. Jesse Jackson on Thursday said Democratic presidential candidate Sen. John Kerry called it quits too soon.

"Kerry conceded much too quickly, before the facts were in," Jackson said in a conference call with reporters to discuss an ongoing challenge to Ohio's election results.

Somewhere along the line, I must have missed when the word "facts" got redefined into "unproven allegations".
Since then, a Jackson-led group claims to have uncovered a wide range of voting irregularities in the Buckeye State, including tabulations that contradicted early exit polls pointing to a Kerry victory, voting machine errors, absentee ballot counting errors, and inaccurate directions given to voters trying to get to polling places.
These are the same baseless charges that have circulating for the last month. The most amazing thing to me is how Jackson can hold a press conference, have the story - and I do mean story - hit the wire services and get picked up nationally by dozens of news outlets across the country.

This recount is turning into a study of media manipulation.