Thursday, December 16, 2004

The recount isn't even over yet...

and already the excuses are starting:
"The recount can show that the machines are working. I think it still leaves questions as to what happened on Election Day," said Kerry-Edwards witness Stephen Milder, who traveled from Massachusetts for the recount. "There are problems that a recount isn't going to necessarily fix."
Thanks for coming to Ohio, Mr. Milder. And for anyone who thinks this will settle anything, Pat Blochowiak sets the record straight
Kerry-Edwards witness Pat Blochowiak, who believes there are enough uncounted votes in Ohio for Kerry to win, said there are many more challenges that should be made and that the recount is only the beginning.

"If this isn't enough, then there's the lawsuit, there's the uncounted provisional ballots, there's the investigation of the absentee ballots," she said.
Isn't enough for what? I thought the purpose was to count every vote. Not change the outcome...