Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Recount Reaction

It hasn't taken long for the reaction from the Ohio recount to hit the blogosphere as a search of Technorati demonstrates.

From Blogs for Bush:
And how does the AP headline this story? "Ohio Recount Ends, Shows Vote Closer" The 285 vote pickup represents a whopping .24% of Bush's final margin of victory...that's less than one quarter of one percent.
From The Original Musings:
The Ohio recount is now complete. The votes have been counted, and Kerry picked up nearly 300 more votes. That means Bush still won by a six-figure margin. How many more recounts do we have to have before the whiners shut up and accept the fact that Bush won?
From Bookwork Room:
After all the hoo-ha, it turns out that there was only a 300 vote difference after the Ohio recount (that Kerry said he wouldn't support before he changed his mind and supported) -- and the news is that President Bush still won by a wide margin
From Michael the ArchAngel:
Come on democrats in Ohio, learn your lesson from Washington State, force another recount. If that one doesn't work, then ask for another recount. You 'find' some more votes, in the trash can, behind the desk, or where ever, and you add those in
From Reality Hammer:
This expensive, unnecessary recount will certainly benefit Republicans in coming elections as taxpaying voters remember which parties candidates had little concern for taxpayer money, even to the point of admitting that the recount was a useless waste of taxpayer money.
From California Patriot:
We won’t allow Mickey Mouse and his friend to be disenfranchised! So yea, George Bush is still the president, the earth is still spinning, and Jesse Jackson still finds ways to maneuver himself into anyone’s backyard. All in all, not really news.
This is the first time a search of 'ohio recount' found something other than baseless accusations and Jesse Jackson quotes in weeks.