Thursday, December 23, 2004

More Kerry Votes Found?

With the Washington governor race now showing Democrat Christine Gregoire leading by 10 votes, King county election officials have announced that they have now miraculously found 120,000 votes for Kerry that Ohio election officials apparently misplaced.

OK, maybe it hasn't come to that, but with the first Ohio recount is all but complete, the Cleveland Plain Dealer is reporting the Kerry campaign is ready for round 2:

John Kerry's presidential campaign criticized the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections Wednesday night for its handling of the presidential recount and said some parts of that recount should be conducted again.

This, coming from a campaign that conceded and didn't even request the initial recount. All we need is an "I was actually against the recount before I was for it" quote and this election will come full circle.

On a positive note, the same PD article makes it clear that no additional recount will occur.