Sunday, December 12, 2004

Columbus Dispatch - The truth bears repeating: Bush won because more Ohioans voted for him than for Sen. John Kerry

In an editorial today, the Columbus Dispatch again reiterates that the conspiracy theories surrounding Ohio are baseless and without merit. It's notable that it takes this stance even after publishing stories over the last two days which the predominently out-of-state theorists will point to as proving their point.
Those who claim that Ohio’s vote was rigged have produced nothing that approaches credible evidence. Nor have they explained how a conspiracy could be carried out successfully in a decentralized system involving 88 separate, bipartisan county election boards.

Such a conspiracy would have to involve scores, if not hundreds, of Democratic election-board members actively working against their own party and presidential candidate.

Remember, this is coming from a paper who the conspiracy theorists point to as having published credible evidence for their case.

The idea that Democratic election officials disenfranchised voters in minority and Democratic precincts offends William A. Anthony Jr., chairman of the Franklin County Democratic Party and of the Franklin County Election Board, who was at the center of planning for the Nov. 2 election.

He was particularly incensed after the Rev. Jesse Jackson recently repeated the allegations and called for an investigation of the Ohio election.

"I am a black man," Anthony said. "Why would I sit there and disenfranchise voters in my own community? I feel like they’re accusing me of suppressing the black vote. I’ve fought my whole life for people’s right to vote."

I don't think anything more needs to be said.