Friday, February 18, 2005

Wrong Number

An 84-year-old Fairview Park man is facing charges of killing his neighbor's dog. Among the evidence again him are dozens of threatening phone messages left on the answering machine of of another person he called, mistakenly thinking it was his neighbor.
Dibin said she tried to tell Taips that he called the wrong person, but she says he just kept dialing, making dozens of calls over a three-month period.

In one message, Taips said, "Your damn dog woke me up 10 o'clock last night, 5 o'clock this morning. You're asking for real trouble."

In another message he said, "We have a right to sleep, understood by your dog. And you will pay for this, you (expletive)."
The man is currently undergoing a mental assessment.

I really hope they find he's not all there mentally.