Saturday, February 05, 2005

Hockey Thoughts

Mrs. Voter and I share season tickets with a group of friends for the Columbus Blue Jackets games.

My feelings throughout the non-season...
October - Can wait a while before the season starts, wouldn't have been able to make opening night anyway. Maybe this is a good way to keep my streak alive.

November - Went down to the Arena district after work and it was pretty empty. But the Happy Hour prices were a nice change of pace.

December - Snow. Cold weather. We really should be playing hockey now.

January - Really getting the itch. Come on boys, time to settle this thing.

February - Forget it. A thirty game season isn't worth it. Start it up next year. If there isn't a contract, sign whoever is willing to play, lower the ticket prices, and show me some action.
Looks like I'm about to get my wish.