Friday, February 04, 2005

Resnick Video: How to Drive Off from a Police Officer and Not Get Charged

Judge Alice Robie Resnick will not be charged for driving away from officers as they questioned her the first time.

Also yesterday, Mr. Reger said Justice Resnick would not face criminal charges for driving away from law enforcement officers who were questioning her about reports that she had been driving erratically on I-75 Monday afternoon.

He said the "elements were not there" to file either a charge of fleeing and eluding or failure to comply.

Justice Resnick drove off after a Bowling Green police officer and an Ohio Highway Patrol trooper approached her parked vehicle at a BP gas station on West Wooster Street, talked with her about reports she had been driving erratically, and told her she was "not free to go."

Actually, she drove off as the officers were leaning against her car, as this cruiser video from WBNS Columbus shows.

Once she did leave, officers followed and a second cruiser video shows the result.

I find it hard to believe that if this were a regular citizen that additional charges would not be filed. Who would have guessed that when a law enforcement officer says you are "not free to go" you can leave anyway.

Go ahead and try it the next time you're pulled over and let me know how it turns out.