Saturday, February 05, 2005

What Super Bowl Player Reminds You of the Democrats?

Real Clear Politic's suggests that Tom Brady is the Super Bowl player that most reminds them of George Bush, and asks the following:
Now, just for the sake of fun, consider the Democrats. Which players would they represent? The answer isn't very obvious at all.
Well, for those of us in Ohio, the answer is actually pretty obvious. Consider these quotes:

From the Toledo Blade:

But he complained about playing time, about how he was being used, about the franchise's commitment to winning, and was considered a malcontent, an "I" man.

It hit rock bottom during the 2003 season when he played in just 13 games and garnered career lows in carries (138) and yards (541), then read a quote in the paper where an unnamed teammate called him "a cancer in the locker room."

From USA Today:

• He found it necessary to tell a Seattle radio station after a 4-12 record in 2000 that he "would rather flip burgers" than play for the [his former team].

He once took himself out of the game when he became frustrated by Baltimore's staunch defense, then defied coach Bruce Coslet by refusing to rejoin the huddle.

• He blew off minicamp before last season and generally was unwilling to embrace the enthusiasm new head coach brought.

From the Cincinnati Enquirer:
[He] made up stuff about the offensive line not wanting to block for him. He decided [his coach] was "messing" with him by asking him to talk with the media during training camp in 2003. He called [his teammate] a "bum."
The player in question? Corey Dillon, during his 7 losing seasons with the Cincinnati Bengals.

Dillon let his frustrations with losing get the best of him over and over again. He took it out on the fans, the media, and his team. He was worried about himself instead of his team, and he didn't care who he hurt to get what was important to him, regardless of the consequences.

Dillon was lucky. He could get up and go to a different, already winning team.

Kennedy, Kerry, and Boxer don't have that option.