Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ohio's Early Voters: The drunk, evicted and underaged!

As I stated below below, early voting has begun in Ohio and you can conveniently register at the same time. The Democrats are making sure everyone can exercise their right to vote.

This included the drunk...
Democrat Barack Obama's presidential campaign blitzed bars, and advocates for the homeless have lined up vans to ferry potential voters from shelters.
The evicted...

People uprooted by foreclosure may have more on their minds than democracy. But activists are encouraging them to register at their new addresses and vote.

The growing ranks of foreclosed homeowners may care mostly about rebuilding their lives.

"They're basically shell-shocked," said Brian Davis, head of the Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless.

But Beau Hill, who runs the Salvation Army's Harbor Light shelter in Cleveland, said people, despite the trauma of losing a home, should vote.

"Voting is a life skill," he said.

And the underaged...
The Franklin County Board of Elections has been searching for Alyce Donahue. They said she forgot to sign her voter-registration card.

But Donahue, contacted by The Dispatch, didn't forget. She never applied. She's 15.

Of course there are 1,000 more underaged registered voters out there.

Makes Hugh's mobilization of the homeless look pretty tame.

Once Ohio registration closes next week, I'll look at how many people registered during the overlap period and where they were from.


How could I forget the incarcerated...
Recently, a local voter-registration group, Oberlin Votes!, attempted to register inmates at the Jail but were turned away by Stammitti. According to press accounts, Stammitti appears to be unwilling to assist the registration efforts in any way. Stammitti’s non-cooperation is in stark contrast to responses by staff and administrators at other Ohio jails who have accommodated voter registration groups without controversy.