Thursday, September 25, 2008

Flyover County Loves Sarah Palin

Now maybe everyone flying over Ohio will get the message that Sarah Palin resonates well with Ohioans.

The Toledo Blade reports on a cornfield maze in Whitehouse, Ohio cut in the shape of Sarah Palin. Nicely visible from the air for all those flying over to more important locations.

UPDATE: Of course, as I warned earlier and Dave mentioned on A Conservative in Cincinatti, it's race. Check out the very first comment on the article by "jason bailey". Scroll to the bottom to see it.
Typical white farmers, why didnt they put Barack out there? Is it because he is black? That is the problem in rural america, no respect for African Americans. Why not Barack? Because his name isnt John? Typical elitist whites, well were gonna win this watch and see.
You can't even make a corn maze anymore w/o being accused.