Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Ohio Registered Voters: 8 Million and Counting

With two weeks remaining for open registration, a quick analysis of the Ohio Registered Voter file as of 9/21 shows that Ohio now has 8,060,918 registered voters. This is an increase of 50,000 from two weeks earlier. Of these new voters, approximately 20,000 are in traditionally Republican leaning counties and 30,000 are in traditionally Democratic leaning counties.

The Ohio Secretary of State's office seems to be releasing their interim lists every two weeks so this may be our last look until the final list comes out. Once the final list comes out, I will be doing a much more in depth analysis of the new voters based on their location, age, party affiliation, etc.

UPDATE: New new file was released on 10/6/2008 and another 100,000 voters have been registered. A more detailed analysis is here.