Saturday, October 11, 2008

Who the Voters Are

In my last post I listed the most popular addresses in the list of voters registered in 2008 in Ohio. Now I look at the most popular name/birth year combination of voters registered in 2008.

Joshua Miller (born 1989) - 12 registrations
Ashley Johnson (born 1990) - 12 registrations
Ashley Smith (born 1990) - 12 registrations
Matthew Smith (born 1989) - 13 registrations
Michael Smith (born 1989) - 13 registrations
Brittany Smith (born 1990 - 14 registrations
Jessica Smith (born 1990) - 14 registrations
Matthew Smith (born 1990) 14 registrations
Ashley Davis (born 1990) - 14 registrations
Ashley Smith (born 1990) - 17 registrations
Brittany Smith (born 1989) 17 registrations

To put this in perspective, the top five baby names for girls in 1990 were:

The top five baby names for boys in 1990 were:

Is it possible that there were 17 separate Brittany and Ashley Smiths born in 1990 and 1989 that are registered in Ohio? Sure.

Do we know for sure? No.

That's why it's so important to understand which voter registrations did not match MVR or SSN records. That's why it so important to allow observers to monitor the early voting.

If the Ohio results are close, the state will come under fire again. It's important to let the sunlight in now, before the votes are cast.